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    • 13 Jul 2017
    • 16 Jul 2017
    • Keeseville, NY presents the Keeeseville Plein Air Festival, July 13-16, 2017. 

    • 13 Jul 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, NY

    Hands-on Planting with Pollinator Friendly Flowers

    Cost: Free for members or with admission

    Learn how to imbue your landscape with beauty while providing food for pollinators. The Adirondack Garden Club will be on hand to share their wisdom about creating a space for pollinators at your home. Join us to learn how to transform your garden into a habitat for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and other pollinators. The Adirondack Garden Club will introduce you to common pollinators and give strategies for bringing them into your garden. Learn how to plan and lay out your garden site, prepare the soil and seeds for planting, choose appropriate plants, and maintain your garden. No registration required.

    Adirondack Garden Club Website:

    • 15 Jul 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 1719 Block Gallery, 1719 Front Street, Keeseville, NY 12944

    You are invited to the Special Wine and Cheese Preview Party to get the first look at art created during the first annual Keeseville Plein Air Festival. The Preview Party will take place at the 1719 Block Gallery located at 1719 Front Street in Keeseville, NY on Saturday, July 15th beginning at 6:00 pm. 

    Tickets are $10 and all proceeds support AdkAction's Keeseville Revitalization Project. 

    The arts festival will showcase Keeseville’s mix of natural beauty and historic architecture and attract a wide range of artist and visitors.  During 3 days of outdoor painting, artists will have the opportunity to put to canvass the scenic variety of the area.  On the first day titled “Paint the River”, artists will be given a tour of AuSable Chasm and directed to various locations and historic bridges along the AuSable River and its falls.  Day two called “Paint the Town” will begin with a tour of Keeseville’s architecture by the AARCH after which the artists will set up their painting stations throughout the village.  “Paint the Farms” is the theme of day three when artists will find scenes of crops growing, animals grazing, and farmhands working fields in the budding farm community surrounding Keeseville.  

    • 19 Jul 2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, NY

    Look closely at a flower, and inevitably you will find visitors dropping by. Bees, hummingbirds, moths, butterflies, and many other creatures alight upon the fragile blooms, and as they do so they perform the essential work of pollination. Yet our pollinators are in dire straits, and as the pollinators fair so fairs our ecosystem. What are the threats to these industrious creatures, and how can we work to build a world that supports our pollinators and ourselves?


    Christina Grozinger's research focuses on the genetic mechanisms that regulate social behavior, chemical communication and health in honey bees and other social insects. Her work is highly interdisciplinary, spanning behavioral ecology, chemical ecology, physiology, neurobiology, and genomics.   She received her BSc from McGill University in 1997, and her MSc and PhD from Harvard University in 1999 and 2001, where she was supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Predoctoral Fellowship. Grozinger was awarded a Beckman Institute Fellowship for her post-doctoral studies with Gene Robinson at the University of Illinois. Grozinger joined the faculty at NCSU as an Assistant Professor in 2004, joined the faculty at Penn State (PSU) as an Associate Professor in 2008, co-founded and was named the Director of the PSU Center for Pollinator Research in 2009, and was promoted to Professor rank in 2013. Grozinger has received numerous awards, including an NSF CAREER Award, PSU Harbaugh Faculty Scholars Award, and was elected the 2014 President of the North American Section of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects.  She has published over 45 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and three book chapters, and has given over 60 invited seminar/symposia lectures.  Grozinger has mentored 29 undergraduates, 11 graduate students, and 7 postdoctoral researchers, many of whom have received prestigious awards and fellowships. Finally, Grozinger has actively raised awareness of the issues facing pollinators: since 2010, she has co-organized two international conferences on pollinator health, short courses on queen rearing and RNAi, and outreach activities for the Center for Pollinator Research which reach >13,000 individuals annually.


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    • 20 Jul 2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • View Arts, Old Forge, NY

    In her lecture, Grozinger will explain the importance of pollinators such as bees to agricultural production. She also will describe the global declines in pollinator populations that have been documented in recent years and this decline's many causes, which include pesticides, parasites, viruses, reduced genetic diversity, poor management practices of managed pollinator populations, and habitat destruction. She will highlight ongoing research at Penn State, where scientists are seeking to better understand the impacts of these factors on pollinator health, and to find solutions that could be implemented locally, nationally, and globally. 

    • 26 Jul 2017
    • 5:30 PM
    • Great Camp Wenonah, Tupper Lake

    • 31 Aug 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Private Residence on Beaverwood Road, Saranac Lake

    Please join us for a delicious locally-pollinated meal outdoors near the lovely shores of Upper Saranac Lake.  We will be serving a family-style meal to a maximum of 70 people, including leadership from AdkAction, The Wild Center, Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and Common Ground Gardens.  You will hear about the various methods of pollination that took place in order for each part of the meal to come to fruition. At the end of the evening, we will be drawing the winners from our summer-long raffle.  Prizes include a Flow Hive and a pollinator garden makeover.  Dress is casual, and the event begins at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $100. 

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